Acoustic Science Strings - Premium Treated Guitar Strings, Coated Guitar Strings

● Finest Wrap Wire, Hex Core Strings, All 6 Strings Treated     ● Patented Ionic Vapor ProcessTM     ● Minimum Break-In Time, Greatly Extended String Life

Acoustic Science Premium Guitar Strings Authorized DealerProud Member of NAMMAcoustic Science Strings - Premium Treated Guitar Strings, Coated Guitar Strings - Made in the USA

Musicians tell us we have the best guitar strings on the planet. Brilliant sound, greatly extended play, literally no break in time, and smooth, supple feel. These are treated strings, not coated strings.

We would like to offer you a FREE set of strings to try. If you agree that Acoustic Science Strings make you sound super and feel great, we would like to offer a set each month, delivered to your door with free shipping. Cancel at any time.


Try us and see! Available direct to musicians only - not carried in retailers.

What Musicians Are Saying

Robert Heft - Premium Treated Guitar Strings

Robert Heft

Guitarist, songwriter, producer.

Thanks so much for everything. Acoustic Science Strings are unquestionably the best on the planet.

Diana Chittester - Premium Treated Guitar Strings

Diana Chittester

Folk, indie, rock guitarist, songwriter.

The best way to describe how they sound is to say they almost glow.

Bryce Hitchcock - Premium Treated Guitar Strings

Bryce Hitchcock

Guitarist, singer, songwriter.

Loving my Acoustic Science strings!!

Kaneao Ukulele - Premium Treated Guitar Strings

Kaneao Ukulele

Bass guitarist, ukulele professor, producer.

Everyone can't believe that these strings have been on for longer than 6 months and I play it every day on my gig...

Chad Ely - Premium Treated Guitar Strings

Chad Ely

Guitarist, songwriter, producer.

Acoustic Science strings are simply the best strings available for any amount of money. They keep their tone and their tune for a long time. I'm a heavy bender and I have yet to break one.

Alan Greene - Premium Treated Guitar Strings

Alan Greene

Veteran guitarist, songwriter.

I can honestly say that their tone, resiliency, and intonation are second to none. I can play very hard at times, digging into the strings for solos, and remain amazed at the fact that I still haven't broken one yet.

Jake Morelli - Premium Treated Guitar Strings

Jake Morelli

Guitarist, musician.

Truly how much better Acoustic Science strings are than any strings out there I've ever played!



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